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This website was created by an actual apartment seeker – a very frustrated apartment seeker!  When I started to look for an apartment in the Grand Rapids area, it seemed natural and logical to start by looking on the internet (my usual first place to look for just about anything).  Well, before too long, I realized that it wasn’t that simple, or easy.  What I found was a veritable hodgepodge of information.  Oh, there was a lot of stuff out there, but it was all in bits and pieces and totally disorganized.  Nowhere was there one source of complete information about all apartments in the Grand Rapids area.


So I decided to create what I couldn’t find – and also what I believed was needed.  If I was frustrated and unable to find what I wanted, I knew there were many others out there just like me, seeking and not finding, or finding incomplete and confusing information.  I thought too that there would be many property owners who needed a better resource to tell people about their apartments.  And since I enjoy website development, that is what I did, and here it is. 


My hope is that people who are looking for a local apartment will start here first.  I’ve accumulated a list of nearly all the apartments in the greater Grand Rapids area.  The list should include all of the larger apartment complexes (and if I’ve missed any, I hope you’ll tell me) and many of the smaller buildings as well.  For every apartment on the list, you’ll find the apartment name, address, and phone number.  For those apartments with their own website, or a section within the website of their management company, there’s a link to that information too.  I’ve also tried to compile a list of “pet friendly” apartments for renters with furry members of their families.  And there’s also a list of independent living apartments for seniors.  All the basic information about local apartments – complete and in one place – voila!  Just what I was looking for and couldn’t find.


Also for apartment seekers, the site includes information resources.  Resources include Local Information about the Grand Rapids area, such as local governments and entertainment and culture.  Whether you’re a lifelong resident, or just moving to the area, this information will help you to learn more about what is available in our metropolitan area.  And there’s also some tips and other Moving Resources to help make your move a bit easier. 


I’ve also included an option for property owners to showcase their apartments on this website.  The basic information is provided for all apartments, free of charge.  But there’s a lot more that property owners can add to this site about their apartments.  They can read more about this opportunity by clicking here, or on “Our Services” under the “Property Owners” tab on the main menu.  Property owners can provide a range of information for apartment seekers, including all the basics plus their own descriptions and photos.  In the Property Owners section they’ll also find a sample site to show them what is possible.  And there’s also information about Fees and Payment options.


I hope that everyone who visits this website will enjoy their visit here.  I have tried very hard to make all the information complete and accurate.  If, however, you find any of the website content that should be amended in any way, I would appreciate it if you would send me an e-mail.  After the changes are verified, they will be processed immediately.  And if there are properties that are not included on the site lists, please let me know that as well.  Or if you have any comments or suggestions for the website, I’d love to hear from you.


Nancy Murphy

Grand Rapids Apartments