Here are links to some resources designed for apartment renters.


Moving Checklist Generator

You enter your basic moving information and this tool generates a list of tasks that tells you what you should do and when so that you'll be more organized and better prepared for your move.  Very handy!






Apartment Hunting Tips

Some helpful advice to guide you as you look for your new apartment.


More Tips for Apartment Hunting


How to Avoid Renters' Regrets


The Apartment Hunter's Glossary


Apartment Inspection Checklist

Another handy list.  You can use this checklist to help you compare the different apartments that you see during your search for your new home.





Planning for your Move


How to Leave your Old Apartment the Right Way


Renter's Obligations when Moving Out


Moving Tips and Tricks


Moving Hints From Packing to Paying


Packing Essentials


More about Packing


and more Moving and Packing Tips


Tips for Cleaning your Old Apartment


Moving Day Checklist



MOVING WITH PETS                                    


Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Housing


and More on Finding Pet-Friendly Housing


and 13 Steps to Finding Animal-Friendly Pet Housing


and Links to Sites that List Animal-Friendly Apartments


How to Move your Pet Safely


Tips for Keeping your Pets Safe during the Moving Transition


Moving your Pet


More on How to Move with your Pet


and more on How to Move with your Pet


Traveling with your Pet


Settling into your New Home