Pet Friendly Apartment Communities


We tried to compile information that is as complete as possible about apartments that accept pets, and you will find that information on this page.  This page is divided into five sections, one for each of the geographical areas on the By Location pages and one for Senior Living apartments.  To go directly to each of these lists, click on the names here:





Senior Living

Only the apartment names are listed here, along with a graphic that shows those apartments that accept cat(s) and dog(s).  If you click on the apartment name, you will connect to the full information for that apartment.


All of the properties on this list have said that they accept cats and/or dogs to some extent.  Many only accept cats and not dogs, and the names with the cat graphic on the left indicate these apartments.  When both a cat and a dog graphic are shown next to an apartment name, at least one of either animal is accepted (although not necessarily one of each, as some communities only allow one animal per apartment).


You should know that communities that do allow pets almost always have policies related to pets in their apartments.  Most apartments limit the number of animals they will permit.  Many that accept cats require that the cats be neutered and sometimes declawed also.  When dogs are allowed, there are often size limitations and usually some breeds that are not accepted.  Sometimes very young animals are not permitted.  Some apartments restrict animals to certain buildings and/or floors.  Also, you will find that most apartment communities charge extra deposits and/or fees for animals when you move in, and often an additional cost every month.  You will need to contact each apartment community for details about their pet policies. 


We tried to contact all the larger apartment complexes to ask whether they permit cats and/or dogs, but there were some we were not able to contact and a few we may have missed.  Therefore, just because an apartment is not shown on this list, you should not assume that they do not accept pets, but should call them directly.  Also,  policies can change over time as well.  We found several properties whose policies had recently changed to allow pets where in the past they did not. 


For the most current and accurate information, you should always contact the apartments yourself.  However, we wanted to give people a good idea of which local apartments accept some pets, since we could find no other such lists available for apartment seekers.  We know that for many people, their feline and/or canine friends are a very important part of their lives and often real members of their families.  And we wanted to make it a bit easier for those people to find an apartment that would welcome their furry friends as well.  As always, if you find any errors or omissions in the information on this website, please contact us.  Thank you.


For a “printer-friendly” list of the pet policies for the apartments included on this website, click here.





Alpine Slopes


   pet friendly apartments in Grand Rapids      



American Seating Park

(Clark Place only)





Bayberry Farms




Bayberry Pointe





The Meadows






Old Orchard












Plaza Towers






Richmond Hills





Royal Glen





Setter’s Point Townhomes





York Creek Apartments







Aspen Lakes


          pet friendly apartments in Grand Rapids



Beckwith Place










Cambridge Square






Central Park Place






College Hill






Franklin Mill






Hidden Creek






Hidden Valley Townhomes






Lake Forest





Lamberton Lake





Leonard Oaks





Maryland Park




Marcell Ridge

                pet friendly apartments in Grand Rapids



Northlake Village Cooperative





Northview Harbor





Orchard Place





Pine Ridge






Plaza Drive Apartments






Rockford Ridge






Rolling Pines





Stonebrook Townhomes






Stratford Townhouses Co-Op






Wyndham Hill










pet friendly apartments in Grand Rapids     



Ashbrook Apartments





Bloomfield Townhomes





Breton Court





Breton East





Burton East Townhouses






Burton’s Landing






Cascade Village






Castle Bluff












Countryside Townhouses






Danbury Place






Eastgate Village










Emerald Creek










Foote Hills Estates





The Fountains





Glen Oaks East







Hidden Lakes






Highland Place






Hunters Ridge






Huntington Glen






In the Pines






Kellogg Cove





The Lofts















Old Farm Shores





Oxford Place










Pheasant Ridge






Pine Circle Townhomes










Pointe O’ Woods






Regency Park






Ridgewood Village






River Oaks






Sutton Club





Towne & Country















Village Green





Walnut Hills





Waters House

















Woodland Creek






Woodland Estates









Anchor Estates




pet friendly apartments in Grand Rapids        



Arbor Lake






Brockton Woods










Chateau Village






Cottonwood Forest





Creekstone Village





Crossroads and Dunbar Woods










Eagles Nest






Fairlane Meadows Co-Op






Globe Apartments






Hamilton Park






Highbrook Townhomes






Oak Valley












(cats in apartments, small dogs in townhomes)





Pattom Townhomes









Pinery Woods










River Ridge Townhomes










Timber Ridge























Allen Manor Senior Housing






Aurora Pond






The Avenue Senior Apartments



            pet friendly apartments for seniors in Grand Rapids



Bayberry Farms Village

(dogs only in cottages)





Cook Valley Estates





Covenant Village of the Great Lakes





Coventry Woods





Delaware Manor




Depot Senior Apartments



Gaylord House Apartments




Glenhaven Manor












Heartland Village Square






Heather Hills Retirement Village






Heron Woods Living






Holland Home






Lincoln Square





Marsh Ridge





Pine Oak Senior Community





Plymouth Arms





Porter Hills





Richter Place





Riverbend Apartments Senior Complex





River Village Senior Housing






Sentinel Pointe Retirement Community






Stonebridge Apartments





Summer Haven
(large dogs accepted)



Sunset Village






Villa Maria Retirement Community





Waterford Place




Wellington Woods Senior Apartments






Westminster Meadow Apartments





Whispering Woods