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Please contact us for information about our prices for advertisements on this website.



PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Methods and Terms


Payment Methods

Sponsors have two basic payment methods:


Check:  You may pay by check  (made out to "Grand Rapids Apartments").  A mailing address will be provided to property owners who choose this payment method.  Properties that pay by check may apply a five percent discount to their payment.


PayPal:  If you would like to pay by credit (or debit) card, you may do so via the PayPal service.  PayPal is a convenient and secure method to process your credit/debit card payment.  You do not need to set up an account with them; you just need a credit or debit card.  To make a payment with PayPal, click this button:

Payment Terms

Sponsors who advertise on this website have the option of three payment terms:

          1.  Quarterly

          2.  Semi-Annual

          3.  Annual


We do not routinely send invoices, but will gladly do so upon request.  When you place your company's ad, please let us know at that time if you would like to receive invoices, either by postal mail or by e-mail.


If you have any questions about our payment methods or terms, please contact us.